Research Grants Involved

NSF 17-528 CICI
  • Co-PI and major proposal writer: CICI: RSARC: SECTOR: Building a SEcure and Compliant Cyberinfrastructure for Translational Research.
  • Award number: NSF #1738965
  • Amount: $999,651.00

Intel Academic Grant 2017
  • Major proposal writer: Performance Evalulation and Optimization of Network Functions in DPDK Environment.
  • Amount: $50,000.00

NSF 16-533 CICI
  • Proposal writer: CICI: Secure Data Architecture: STREAMS: Secure Trans- port and REsearch Architecture for Monitoring Stroke Recovery.
  • Award number: NSF #1547428
  • Amount: $515,858.00

NSF 14-547 I-Corps
  • Entrepreneur Lead and proposal writer: SDNatics: Big Data Analytics of Software Defined Networks to Understand, Predict and Protect Critical Computer Networks.
  • Award number: NSF #1530989
  • Amount: $50,000.00

Recent Publications

  • CareNet: Building Regulation-Compliant Home-Based Healthcare Services with Software-Defined Infrastructure

    Details Project

  • Dynamic Virtual Measurement Function scheduling in software-oriented measurement environment


  • Designing Virtual Network Functions for 100 GbE Network Using Multicore Processors

    Details Project

  • Network Measurement for 100Gbps Links Using Multicore Processors

    Details PDF

  • CareNet: Building a Secure Software-defined Infrastructure for Home-based Healthcare

    Details PDF Project

  • P4GPU: Acceleration of programmable data plane using a CPU-GPU heterogeneous architecture

    Details Project

  • P4GPU: Accelerate packet processing of a P4 program with a CPU-GPU heterogeneous architecture

    Details Project

  • Network measurement for 100 GbE network links using multicore processors


  • Transformer: Run-time reprogrammable heterogeneous architecture for transparent acceleration of dynamic workloads

    Details PDF

  • HeteroSpark: A heterogeneous CPU/GPU Spark platform for machine learning algorithms

    Details PDF

Honor & Awards

Outstanding Graduate Student - May 2016
  • Francis College of Engineering, Uni- versity of Massachusetts Lowell.

ACM ANCS 2016 Travel Award - Sep. 2016
  • For travel expenses on attending ACM Architectures for Networking and Communications Systems Conference (ANCS).
  • Amount: $750.00

IEEE NAS 2015 Travel Award - Aug. 2015
  • For travel expenses on attending IEEE Networking, Architecture, and Storage Conference (NAS).
  • Amount: $850.00

GENI Travel Award - 2014
  • For travel expenses on attending GENI Engineering Conference.
  • Amount: $1,500.00


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